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African Singles - Chat with Africa
Nov 11, 2010

Do you use regulary African Singles sites ? Jambo24 is an African dating and personals site for African Singles...more

You get messages like that ?
Jul 31, 2010

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Dear member,

do you get sometimes...more

Interracial Dating - Colour Dating
Jul 16, 2010


Afro Dating or Black Dating seems to becoming very popular. Logically, the only difference between ethnic minorities is background, color...more

African Singles - African Single Woman - Africa Ch
May 10, 2010

Jambo24 is an African singles dating portal which connect the whole world with African single woman and African single man...more

Black Women White Men, White Women Black Men - int
Mar 07, 2010

Almost anywhere you go these days, you will encounter mixed-race couples: at the grocery store, the mall, the theater, at a...more

African Dating and Afro Dating Service
Mar 06, 2010

This is African American Dating platform and people from all over the world can join it. Jambo24 is a specialist...more

Black woman white men dating - can it work ?
Mar 04, 2010

Your in a restaurant and you see a beautiful black woman and...more

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