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Cuba Dating - Carribean Dating
Mar 08, 2010

I'm a sexy Coco colored Cuban American Woman. Bilingual in English and Spanish, and am currently studying some French. I like to travel, and am into different culture's and ethnicities. I like to read and do alot of spiritual research when alone. And when with someone, I like to go to the movies, and out to dinner, etc... I like to think of myself as a very intelligent, cultured and classy type lady and like my men the same way. I am very spiritual, but not in a religious way, as I am into what GOD says to do in the Bible and not what the "Preacher" says necessarily. I am on this site to meet my soulmate. It seems I am having a hard time meeting him in Denver, as I am a christian and so don't get out into the social world of dating, but that's okay because I am not looking for that type of man anyway.  What are you looking for in a partner?
I am looking for a special type of gentleman preferably from the Caribbean, or an International man of color or at the least a man of very high moral and social class and style. I am looking for a man that is first of all spiritual(A man of God),but also attractive, educated and knows how to treat a lady. A man who is looking for that "Special Lady" that he can one day commit to,and so Gentlemen, if you feel you can be that man please feel free to get back with me. But you MUST HAVE A PICTURE for me to reply back to you, as I understand that most people feel that you should get to know a person by their inner beauty and that is true, but I also do believe that GOD, loves outer beauty too as we are surrounded with it. And that he has also given us the ability to look at beauty in our own way, in order to be able to find that special person with whom we would want to spend the rest of our lives with. So our mates will have both inner and outer beauty in our eyes. But since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, GOD has made it possible for their to be someone for everyone. So although we may not attract each other, I just want to say to all "May God so richly bless your endeaver in finding your soulmate on this site.
I'd just like to add...
I am looking for someone in my age group and although its nice that younger men find me attractive. ALSO YOU MUST HAVE A PICTURE OF YOURSELF AND /OR WEBCAM, because I don't answer to people I can't see. Well take care and God Bless you on your search for your soulmate.

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