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Interracial dating - you wanna date your own ?
Apr 11, 2010

Black woman white men dating or white woman black men dating is growing.Let me tell you about my experience unattractive black woman, and I am attracted to white man I look very good for my age, but it seems to me that there are a lot of white males don’t know what they want the evil want a black woman for a flame on the side, at least that’s what I ran into. Or I get white males that are my age bracket if they’re in a 50s they look like they’re pushing 60 or 70s and that is very disappointing to me. There are a lot of us black women out there that I’m looking for white males but 90% of March honest, for once in my life I would like to meet a handsome intelligent clean-cut white male that knows what he wants, or knows how to respect a black woman this is the new millennium, that so-called expression jungle fever seems to be still and with white males from my experience, I have been there and done that so come on guys stop playing with this fantasy. You need to be bold like white women white women are scared to date black men or any other man out of their race. So why does it seem that when I finally beat a handsome white male that has its act together the Army has someone in his life he just wants a little fling on a side. But the one thing they say is they find black woman very attractive and intelligent but they don’t give us the respect that we are do!!!!!! this is the reason why I joined this site and I have been very disappointed and I’ve been on this site for quite some time all I want is to know what love is and how to be loved. And given up hope and I know out there in the Manchester New England area this guy to be somebody out there that are not all into these head games this applies to all those white males out there that are supposed to be into black women. Since i use interracial dating sites or black dating sites i get more and more contacted by my own. Thats fine on one side, but i am defnetly not interessted to find a black guy here. Nothing against them but since i am very young i am attracted to single white men which love black women and the background of me.

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