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Do you have Jungle Fever or Jungle Love ?
Mar 06, 2010

When white men are searching for black women, what are they looking for?  Are you looking for a great sex partner or someone to fall in love with, marriage?  Is on line dating a site for catalog one-night stands. What is the probability of an interracial relationship?



American white men are generally racist: They do not want their sons and daughters to be black. Not because their parents are against it, not because their friends are against it, not because white society is against it – because they themselves are against it!  Most white men live in a nearly all-white world. Most know only a few black women and are brain washed.  American white men look for women with the same level of education and  that limits the number of black women they might date and marry.American men tend to see black women as being hard to get along. It is just not worth the trouble.


European white men are more open to dating black women than American white men. That’s why Black-Meets-White web site is so incredible bringing both races together.  The men on this site are open and desire a relationship with a black African Queen. If you go to countries like France, Italy, Germany etc you'll find quite a few white men who dated and married black women.

I am a black woman that found that sex and a relationship with a white man is basically the same or better. It depends on the feeling you have for the other person that connection.  It also provides that certain twist, it’s something different, which is exciting. I know all of you have heard the saying…. “Once you go black you never go back” and  “blacker the berry sweeter the juice”. These are all myths. Character, style and personality are the key; I found that white men have a different style of making love, especially European men.  They are romantic and not selfish lovers then black and American men. I have dated white men who were proud to have me on their arms and introduce me to all of their friends. The white men I’ve dated weren’t racist but just had to apologize for his friends and relatives. The sex was mind-blowing and the sizes of these white men (sexual male body part) have been the same as a black man or if not bigger then the black men. I am glad I decided to date interracially and Internationally is I enjoy the attention.

In the beginning I was apprehensive in dating a white man because of society. Family and friends told me I was trying to be something that I am not, that I am selling out the black brothers. Worst of all that no white man would truly love me or marry me. They were wrong! I have dated Black and White men and both races have their issues. Any couple that has a great connection can overcome any obstacle.


Trust me a man is a man. So you European white handsome men satisfy your Jungle Fever for a Jungle love. All of you Africa queens enjoy your dating experience. The end results are up to you.



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