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Interracial Dating Among Young People And Parents
Mar 07, 2010

Fewer young people are against interracial dating. Today, the young generation – as young as high school students – have began a quiet revolution which could bring about the shift in the way US citizens deal with race issues. And when it comes to interracial dating, this generation seems not to be having much of an issue with it. Its just dating … not thinking twice about the fact that their partner may be a different race than their own. Going by the year 1997, teenagers across the country who go out on dates say they’ve dated someone of a different race or ethnic group. Most of the respondents say immigration of Asians and Hispanics has increased the probability of people hooking up with people from other racial and ethnic groups hence the increase in interracial dating. Schools have become diverse and people are now getting used to growing up with different races, and are feeling comfortable with it. And this is why most teens see interracial dating as no big a deal … just dating. Many are dating interracially and those who haven’t say they wouldn’t mind doing it.Parents of the present generation are becoming less of an obstacle and parents of teens say they would be totally alright with their children dating interracially. This doesn’t come as a surprise since most parents with teens are in their 30s and early 40s. This means they have some liberal attitudes from the civil rights revolution hence being generally accepting of interracial relationships and having more positive reactions to their children’s dating choices. Some parents however still insist on their children dating within their race. The best way for parents to accept this is for the teenager to bring the date home with a group of friends and let them get to know the family. Getting the parents to know your partner before passing judgment is the key. In general, racial barriers are coming down as students try out interracial dating … for love or intrigue. And with increased individuality, diversity and greater minority enrollment in colleges and universities more students grow up to be more tolerant and approving towards interracial relationships.


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