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Profil description African dating and Black dating
Mar 07, 2010

I'm not good at describing myself. I guess I am sort of shy. But only when it comes to a man I am attracted to. Once I get to know you though I am all yours, holding nothing back.

I'm a homebody for the most part, but I do have fun when my friends manage to drag me out of the house. They literally have to abduct me sometimes to get me to come along (lol). I usually don't regret it afterword's when they do this, as long as its not too frequently. The people I am with typically love my company & I like them as well, I just enjoy the comfort of being at home.

I'm not a big fan of television, in fact I don't even own one. I have never even seen American Idol or any other popular TV/reality shows. I will watch bits of them when I'm visiting a friend, buts it not by choice and its really only background noise to me. Sometimes ill watch some things online, but its never a priority. Because of this I don't know who most celebrity's are (unless they have been famous for a very long time).

I'm always willing to watch a movie as long as its not too "Hollywood". Some of my favorite movies are The Princess Bride, Schindler's list, Whale rider, The big Lebowski, Finding Nemo, Mr. Brooks, Napoleon Dynamite, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind & Wonderland.

As I said above, I read an awful lot & that's always been my favorite way to pass time. My mother use to have to make me go outside & play as a child, because I would always want to stay inside & read.

I probably on average read about one book every week & have done so since the age of 8. I love reading novels and British history. History of any kind really especially medieval history. I just like the idea of kings and queens, peasants and castles etc. I find it all very fascinating. I also like "fantasy" novels. I love reading about witches and wizards (And yes I am a 'Harry Potter' lunatic)and magical beasts, which in a lot of fantasy novels are just mythological beasts with the authors own twist to them. My favorite magical beast is a centaur- half horse half man for those that don't know. After that I would probably say harpies which are half woman half bird.

Other than those two type of books, I read pretty much everything. Some of my favorite books are 'The princess bride' (also listed in my favorite movies), 'A Clockwork Orange', 'One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest', 'Uncle Toms Cabin', 'Little Women', 'Memiors of a Geisha', the 'Harry Potter' series of course, 'The Bartimaeus Trilogy', 'The Count of Monte Cristo', 'Wuthering Hieghts', 'The Golden Compass', 'The Little Prince'(A deep inspiring classic! You have to really understand it at a mature age)& Forever Amber just to name a few. You probably now think I'm very boring, huh? Well I'm not, this is just my preferred choice of entertainment vs TV.

I work as an independent contractor & it provides me with the freedom to travel to other countries etc whenever I want. I am a very spontaneous person when it comes to traveling. I hate flying, but I will! I am the person sitting next to you with their eyes closed during take off and landing, gripping the arms of my seat like my life depended on it. If I am flying overseas I have to take some sort of sleep aid, otherwise I cant do it. Most recent trip was to France, Germany & Poland. I love France & would stay if I could! I think the French are the sweetest people in the world and they had plenty of wine:)

I am always faithful when I am in a relationship, & I love to spend all my spare time with my significant other. I am a very affectionate woman. I like intimacy & I am very passionate. I think kissing is one of the spices of life. However, I do not like talking about my sex life -existent or not- to friends or anyone that I am not dating. This sort of go's back to me being a bit shy. I guess I think sex is a private thing that should be shared between two people who love each other. I really dislike when my friends, or other people boast about their sex life non-stop. I feel like it reduces a person to an animal, that can't control natural urges.

I don't have any children, but I would love to some day. I have a really cute niece though :) & little brother and little cousins that I love to spoil and spend time with.

I love to cook & I'm an exceptional baker, especially around the holidays. Most of the time I would prefer to stay home and cook other than go out.

I love red wine & beer, but don't give me any hard alcohol unless you plan on babysitting :)

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