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Author:  jambo24 [ Sat 20. Mar 2010, 14:34 ]
Post subject:  About Points

About our Poinsystem on jambo24.com

    How many points I have
    Points Toplist
    What can I do with my points

How many points I have:
Ways to find my Points.

Fist way is on the Frontpage, after login:
Klick on your Points to find your Pointshop ;-)

Secound way is over your usercenter:

Your Pointshop:
-> http://www.jambo24.com/pointshop.php

Points Toplist:
Here you can see the best and most active members on jambo24.com:

What can I do with my points:

Featured Profile for 30 Days: 500 Points
Entry for 4 weeks in our top user list:
Best afro dating change due to special Search engine optimization.

Upgrade your Membership Level: 300 Points
Upgrade your Membership Level to our Points-level:
*jambo 7T points*

About *jambo 7T points*:
    - 5 pictures allowed to upload.
    - 10 of profiles allowed to be saved.
    - Manage buddy/ban/hot list.
    - 10 messages you can be sent per day.
    - Use the Webcam-Chat.
    - extended search.
    - 10 winks per day.
    - ...

You can ubgrade your membership over your points here:


Klick here to find the Poinshop:

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